About the exam:

Exam #3 will will be given on Wednesday, November15, 12-2 pm. The first part (3/4) of the exam covers special topics covered since the second exam: check out chapters 12 &14 and parts of chapters 9, 10, 15 & 16 in the text as well as a couple other pages (look at schedule for more details), and lectures and handouts through the end of the term, much of which is not covered in the text. This part will contain 8 multiple choice questions, 5 problems requiring calculation, definition, explanation, and/or derivation. You may use a calculator, particle chart, and one-sided letter-size sheet of handwritten notes.  Parts of the table of nuclides in the appendix will be provided as needed.

The second part (1/4) of the final exam will review topics that were covered before exams #1 and #2.

Topics to review for final exam: