PH 301


FALL 2000


TEXT: Thornton and Rex, Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 2nd ed.

Relativity and quantum mechanics will be covered, as well as selected topics in 20th century physics.

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Cecilia Vogel

Office: 201 Swenson, 794-3404



Office hours: Tuesday 2:30-3:00, Thursday 12:30-1:00, Friday 11:30-12:30, by appointment.



        3 exams @ 20% each   60%

        Homework and discussion

        Project   15%
          Total 100%


  1. Homework to be graded should be turned in to me in person, or to my mailbox, by 4:00 pm on the due date. You may hand in homework up until the beginning of the next class period for 80% credit. Homework will not be accepted after graded homework has been returned.
  2. Show all work and justify all answers on homework and exams. Be prepared to discuss assignments in class.
  3. Attendance is required on all days on which examinations or discussions are scheduled. If you have a conflict with a school-related event which you must attend (for example, intercollegiate sports, field trips), you may take the exam early. You must make arrangements with me before the scheduled exam date. Attendance is highly recommended on all class days, as the book will be extensively supplemented by lectures and handouts.
  4. Final exam is worth 20% toward your grade in the course. 15 of that 20% will be questions on topics covered after the second exam. 5 of the 20% will be questions on the topics covered by exams 1 & 2.
  5. Prerequisites: PH201-203*, and calculus.


Important events in the course calendar (subject to change check web for updates and details):

Exam #1 covering relativity September 22

Exam #2 covering quantum mechanics October 13

Project due November 1

Final exam November 13, 12-2pm

Points to Ponder (extra credit for useful feedback):