PH 102

Guide to WebAssign

Winter 2009-2010

Important: Before starting WebAssign, quit any browsers that may be in use (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome) and open a new copy. Also, close the browser when you are finished to prevent losing credit for the work you have done.

Click here:   and login.

Username:  Your first and your last name (lower case, no space, no hyphen).  For example, Lisa Miller would type lisamiller
Institution:  augustana
Password:  Your Augustana ID number (omit leading zeros).  After your are logged in you can change your password.

Click the Login button.

Upon logging in, you will be presented with a screen with your name at the top along with information about the course. You will also be directed to register for the course at the web site. In order to register, you will need to purchase a WebAssign Student Access Code card from the bookstore in the College Center. This card will have an access code that you will need to complete your registration.  

The note about registering for the course will be followed by a list of Current Assignments. The summary of each assignment on the list will include

To work on an assignment, click on the name of the assignment you wish to complete. (It is not necessary that you complete the assignment Introduction to WebAssign.) You will receive the assignment - including a list of questions and boxes for inserting the answers.

General Comments:

When you have answered all the questions on an assignment and are ready to submit your work for grading, click the link Submit for grading at the bottom of the assignment. Note: To insure that your submission is recorded, wait for a reply from the server. Do not click more than once on the submit button, since this will result in the waste of one of your allowed submission attempts.

You will receive immediate feedback in the form of a grade and detailed marks, i.e., which responses are correct and which are wrong.

You may resubmit your answers, editing your most recent submission by changing just the wrong answers. Leave your correct answers as they have already been entered. When the editing process is complete, click on the Submit for grading button. Your grade for the assignment will be the grade received for the last submission of answers by the deadline.

If you decide to log off and resubmit your answers at a later time, you will see the answers from your last submission when you log on again and bring up the assignment. At this point, the editing process will be the same as that described in the preceding paragraph.