Comments on Test 3 in PH 308

Review the following:

  1. The four number systems.  Know how to convert between them.  Basic binary arithmetic.
  2. DeMorgan's theorems.
  3. Basic logic gates - symbols, truth tables.
  4. Terms that apply to logic gates (e.g. propagation delay...).
  5. Half and full adders.
  6. LED - light emitting diode, LCD - liquid crystal display, plasma display
  7. JK flip flop, data latch.
  8. Transducers, various ADCs and DACs.
  9. Circuits - digital timer, Geiger counter, frequency counter.
  10. Laser diodes and their applications.
  11. Household wiring, electric shock, ground fault interrupter.

Create an information sheet - one side of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.  You may use it during the exam.  Turn it in with the exam - for credit.