PH 308 - Electronic Circuits - Fall 2006

Course description:  Semiconductor electronic circuits employing linear devices in amplifiers and nonlinear devices in digital logic circuits.
Topics covered: 
DC and AC circuits, Kirchhoff's rules, Ohm's law, Thevenin's theorem, Norton's theorem, transformers, RLC circuits, bridge circuits, rectifiers, filters, semiconductor diodes, hybrid parameters of a transistor, multivibrators (astable, bistable, monostable), common emitter amplifier, operational amplifier, number systems, binary arithmetic, DeMorgan's theorems, logic gates, half and full adders and subtractors, LEDs, LCDs, plasma displays, RS flip flop, JK flip flop, data latch, transducers, ADCs, DACs, digital counter, digital timer, Geiger counter, frequency counter, laser diodes, household wiring, electric shock, ground fault interrupter.
"The Art of Electronics" by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill, 2nd Edition (1989).   Course syllabus.
Instructor:  Dr. David Renneke, Science 205, 794-3403,
Kirchhoff's Rules - solutions using TrueBASIC, a spreadsheet, and a TI-83 calculator
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductors
Test 1 - Monday, Oct. 2, 2006.  Covers all of Chapter 1.  Comments

● Explanation of BJT transistors.  Graphic illustration of amplification.
2N2222 transistor - determining the load line
● PBS Video - Friday, Oct. 13, "Transistorized" (60 min).   Point-Contact Transistor.
      There will be one or two questions on Test 2 about the history of the transistor.
● Test 2 - Monday, Oct. 30, Chapters 2, 4-5. Comments

HyperPhysics | Electronics Concepts | Digital Circuits | Number system conversions
● Review of logic gates - Mathcad .mcd file - corresponding .html file and .doc file
● Fanciful half adder - Time magazine, Feb. 20, 1978 - cover - half adder
LED - light emitting diode | LCD - liquid crystal display | plasma display

HeNe lasers | applet | laser diodes | applet | Goldwasser (lots of details)
laser pointers | red and green | Hilton (high power diode lasers)
Household wiring | practical electric circuits | electric shock   
● Ground fault interrupter - sink in room 118 - close up - under the cover - schematic

● Test 3 - Wednesday, Nov. 15, 9:00 am.  Chapters 8-9. Comments


Homework Assignments

Due by 5:00 pm on

1 A1, A2 - Learning to use Electronics Workbench Mon., Sep. 11
2 A3, A4 and A5 - Wire resistance, voltage divider, application of Kirchhoff's Rules Wed., Sep. 13
3 A6, A7 and A8 - Capacitive and inductive reactance, energy stored in a capacitor Mon., Sep. 18
4 A9, A10 - Impedance calculations in circuits contain R, L and C. Mon., Sep. 25
5 A11, A12 and A13 - RC filter, L-section filter, Zener diode application. Fri., Sep. 29
6 A14, A15 and A16 - Common emitter amplifier - quiescent point, parameters, Elec. Workbench Wed., Oct. 11
7 A17-A20.  NAND gates, XOR gate, full subtractor, RS flip flop (digital part of Elec. Workbench) Fri., Nov. 3


List of Experiments

DC Circuit Measurements 6 555 Timer Applications
2 AC Circuit Measurements 7 Digital Logic:  Binary Numbers & Logic Gates
3 Diode Circuits 8 Digital Logic:  Arithmetic Operations
4 Transistors 9 Digital Logic:  Information Registers
5 Operational Amplifiers    

Last update:  Nov. 9, 2006