[From Luther to 1580 - A Pictorial Acccount

From Luther to 1580 - A Pictorial Acccount

Book by Erwin Weber, Text by Ingetraut Ludolphy
Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Missouri 1977

When I first came to Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois in 1962, we were reading a story about Luther in my first-year German class. I thought the story would be more interesting if I had a few slides to illustrate the story. In 1964, I returned to East Germany to photograph the monuments that still exist from the days of the Reformation period of the 16th century. Upon my return, someone suggested I ought to publish a picture book on the topic. I started to write the text myself, but soon determined, it was a too specialized field. I was determined to find a Luther scholar to collaborate with me in the production of a book on Luther. When I returned to Germany, I was introduced to Dr. Ingetraut Ludolphy, a leading theologian and scholar at Leipzig University. She wrote the text for the book in German, and I translated it.

According to Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Missouri, the book is "A Milestone in Religious Publishing. It invites the reader to share the drama and excitement of the 16th century Reformation Period. It enables the reader to graphically follow the persons, places, and events, that changed the course of Christian history - from the beginnings of Lutheranism, through the years of controversies, to the achievement of Lutheran unity in The Book of Concord.

The 228 pages From Luther to 1580 are filled with 170 photographs many of which had never before been published. They are the original work of Professor Erwin Weber, who spent years traveling throughout Europe researching the monumental project. His efforts in the creation, development, and construction of the book have resulted in a truly unique and outstanding presentation of the Reformation Era."

According to Dr. Roland Bainton, Professor emeritus, Yale Divinity School, "From Luther to 1580 is a striking performance. For any reader, the illustrations are a delight...for one not versed in the period, this will be an illuminating and gripping account, and for one well-versed it will add many hitherto unknown details." Dr. Bergendoff, President emeritus, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, said, "In these years of the quadricentennial of the Book of Concord, this valuable book can truly aid us in celebrating events of such enduring importance." Dr. Robert Kolb, Center for Reformation Research, St. Louis, Missouri, wrote, "Professor Weber has really hit upon a number of important events...The result is a very fine popular pictorial exposition of the Reformation."

Erwin Weber

April, 1997