"With Pen and Ink in Leipzig"



    The Lutheran, magazine of the LCA ,Vol. 14, #18, October 20, 1976 - Erwin Weber


In 1975, I traveled to Leipzig, East Germany, and made several pen and ink sketches of historic monuments in that city behind the Iron Curtain. The sketches include the following:

The Old Pleissenburg Castle (now the new city hall), in which the religious debate between Martin Luther and the Catholic theologian from Ingolstadt Dr. John Eck, took place in the great hall in July 1519.

St. Thomas Church, where the ceremonies for the famous debate between Eck and Luther began and George Rhau, then the choir master of the now famous Thomanerchor, composed a special mass for the occasion, Luther preached here, and Johann Sebastian Bach, who was organist and choirmaster for 27 years, lies buried in front of the altar.

St. Nicholai Church, where Ingetraut Ludolphy received her honorary degree from Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. Johann Sebastian Bach was also organist and choir director at the Nicholai Church.