Photos of the Reformation



    The Lutheran Journal, Vol. 47, #2, 1980 - Erwin Weber


I provided the The Lutheran Journal with a series of photographs dealing with Luther and the Reformation Period of the sixteenth century. They included the following:

  ● a portrait of Luther (on the cover, shown above) as a serious professor and scholar with his doctor's degree hat
  ● a painting by Cranach the Elder, 1528
  ● a photograph by the author in Augsburg where the imperial diet of 1530 took place
  ● the title page of The Book of Concord, 1580
  ● a Reformation altarpiece by Cranach the Younger, 1565, village church, Mildensee/Dessau
  ● a detail of Cranach's epitaph in the City Church in Weimar depicting Luther pointing to the Bible standing next to Cranach the Elder
  ● a detail of Philip Melanchthon from the Reformation Altarpiece in Mildensee/Dessau
  ● a title page "Summary of the Controversial Articles between the Theologians of the Augsburg Confession," 1579
  ● a portrait of the three electors of Saxony: Frederick the Wise, John the Constant, and John Frederick the Benefactor
  ● a painting by John the Constant with sword at the Battle of Frankenhausen
  ● a title page of the Augsburg Confession printed in Wittenberg, 1555
  ● a portrait of John Frederick the Benefactor by Cranach the Elder
  ● an engraving of Frederick the Wise by Albrecht Duerer, 1524, located in the Lutherhalle-Wittenberg