"Luther in Eisenach"



    The Lutheran Journal, Vol. 47, #3, 1980 - Erwin Weber


In 1980, I traveled to East Germany and visited Eisenach which Luther called his beloved city. He had come to the city on numerous occasions and resided there twice.

At age 15, Luther was sent to Eisenach by his parents and attended the Gymnasium while he stayed at the home of Mrs. Cotta, and later spent 300 lonely days in hiding at the Wartburg Castle in Eisenach where he wrote numerous letters and sermons and translated the New Testament into German.

The photographic and art display which I provided concentrates on Luther's stay at the Wartburg Castle located on a 1200-foot cliff overlooking the city of Eisenach. Among the illustrations is a watercolor (on the cover, shown above) of Luther's bay window at the Wartburg Castle, a watercolor of the castle and the Thuringian Forest, and a watercolor of the Cotta House in Eisenach.

The photographs include:

  ● paintings of Luther's father Hans, and his mother, Margarethe Lindemann by Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1527
  ● Luther as Knight George by Cranach the Elder, 1522
  ● the Luther Bible of 1541; the Wartburg Castle from the northeast
  ● the Wartburg Castle view from the west
  ● exterior view of Luther's room at the Wartburg Castle
  ● interior view of Luther's room at the castle showing the tiled stove and Luther's "ink spot"
  ● interior view of Luther's room at the Cotta House
  ● St. George's Church in Eisenachthe northeast