"Luther in Erfurt" - Part II



    The Lutheran Journal, Vol. 57, #2, 1989 - Erwin Weber


In "Luther in Erfurt" - Part I, I concluded when Luther's father, Hans, unwillingly gave his son permission to enter the monastery. This article concentrates on Luther's life in the Augustinian monastery in Erfurt . Luther's stay in the monastery was a time of reflection and soul-searching. It illustrated his love for his church and his family. The conflict arose, when he could not please both. In Erfurt he acted against the wishes of his father on earth and went into the monastery to please his father in heaven.

Years later, Luther realized that his father, Hans, was correct and the church was wrong in establishing monasteries. In his letter dedicating his book to his father, On Monastic Vows Luther said, "Who can doubt that I am in the ministry of the Word? It is plain that the authority of the parents must yield to this service for Christ says, 'he who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.' Not that this word destroys the authority of the parents, for the Apostle Paul often insists that children should obey parents; but if the authority of the parents conflicts with the authority or calling of Christ, then Christ's authority must reign."