"The August Hermann Francke Kindergarten in Germany"



    The Lutheran Journal, Vol. 64, #3, 1995 - Erwin Weber


This article describes a modern Kindergarten and Daycare Center constructed recently at the August Hermann Francke Foundation in Halle, formerly in East Germany. The foundation was discussed in a previous issue.

There were social problems from the time of Jesus to the present day in this country and abroad. Today, there is poverty, unemployment, criminal activity, drug abuse, lawlessness, terrorism, and senseless killings throughout the globe. There seems to be one common denominator to solve some of the problems; namely, education from early childhood based on the democratic principal that each person has a right to live in freedom and in peace. If we look at the teachings of Jesus, the work of August Hermann Francke and the programs of the Francke-Foundation today with its new construction and operation of a modern daycare center, we may find solutions to some of the social problems facing our community today.