"Sweden's First Great Painter"



    Sweden & America, Magazine of the Swedish Council of America, Autumn 1993 - Erwin Weber


Sweden has an abundance of churches that date back to the Middle Ages. During the 15th century, the interior walls, ceilings, pulpits and even pews were decorated with elaborate paintings by artists of varying skills and styles. We do not know the names of many of the artists. They did not sign their work. The church was the center of the universe where man was unimportant. The artists created their work for the Church and for the honor and glory of God.

One exception to this rule of anonymity was Albertus Pictor, or Albert, the Painter of Stockholm. He came to be recognized as the foremost painter in Sweden during the Middle Ages. This article deals with his work in the church at Härkeberga and Härnevi near Enköping, Sweden.