Luther's Room, Wartburg Castle Eisenach



    The Lutheran Journal - Erwin Weber - 1980


My pen and ink sketch with a watercolor wash showing the exterior of Luther's Room at the Wartburg Castle appeared on the cover of The Lutheran Journal in 1980 as part of my article titled "Luther in Eisenach" and Works of Art: "Wartburg Castle - Eisenach".

The bay window came from Nürnberg and added to the castle in 1842. The desk in Luther's Room dates back to the time of Luther and came from Luther's relatives in Möhra, Luther's ancestral home. On the desk is Luther's complete Bible printed by Hans Lufft in 1541 and contains Luther's and Melanchthon's own handwriting along the edges. The woodcut over the desk, as well as the wedding portraits of Luther and his wife Katharina von Bora are the works of Cranach the Elder dated 1526. The boards on the walls and the floor date back to Luther's time.