Jenny Lind Chapel - Andover, Illinois



    Pamphlet - Erwin Weber - 1975


Jenny Lind Chapel (also see illustrated article, booklet and video) is the house of worship of the oldest Swedish Lutheran congregation in Illinois. It is an evidence of pioneering faith and devotion, and begun in 1851 under the leadership of Pastor Lars Paul Esbjörn.

It was dedicated on Advent Sunday, December 3, 1854, and named after the noted Swedish singer whose generous interest helped to make the structure possible. The chapel and adjoining old cemetery were dedicated as a synodical shrine at special Centennial services, Sunday, June 13, 1948, held as part of the 98th annual convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod of North America.

The state of Illinois has also affixed a plaque to the front of the chapel, designating the structure as an historical site, and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.