[Rock Island - History and Landmarks

Rock Island - History and Landmarks

Narrated by Robert Yapp

45-minute video

The city of Rock Island has a wealth of historic resources. They are reflected in its numerous landmarks. The City, through its Preservation Committee, which has the authority to designate Landmarks and Districts, along with other organizations and societies in our community, is dedicated to rehabilitate and preserve these monuments.

My video dealing with the history of Rock Island, and its landmarks, is narrated by Robert Yapp, host of the syndicated talk show, House Doctor. It identifies each landmark in its historic setting by means of colored slides, period photographs, paintings, documents, and other archival images. It relates to the growth of the city from the Indian warrior "Black Hawk" a century and one half ago, through the era of the steamboat, railroad, lumber, and farm implement industries to the present day of tourism, riverboat gambling, and the current renovation of historic structures, such as factories, homes and schools.

The background classical guitar music is provided by Randy Pobanz, Instructor of Music at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. I play the harmonica.

The video was approved by the City of Rock Island, and financed in part by the Rock Island Arsenal Historical Society, the Rock Island Planning and Redevelopment Commission, and the American Bank.

Erwin Weber

May, 1997