College Center - Augustana College



    Pen and Ink Sketch with Watercolor - Erwin Weber - 1980


This pen and ink sketch with a watercolor wash of the College Center was completed in 1980, one year after completion of the building which cost nearly more than four Million Dollars including the furnishings. At the time, the two and a half story structure included offices for the center, ticket sales office, College post office, a 150-seat snack bar, a store known as Runestone Bookstore, television lounge, and game room. The upper floor provided a dining room seating 360. Adjacent were multipurpose rooms with moveable partitions so that the capacity could be expanded for banquets. This floor was also equipped with a lounge, lobby, and food preparation areas. The mezzanine floor contained a board of directors room, a lounge, smaller meeting rooms, and student activity offices. Due to the generous $100,000 gift from the Fred E. Kahlke estate in 1976, a foot bridge was built across 7th Avenue and 38th Street to provide a safe and easy access to the Center from Sorensen Hall and the lower campus. In 1989, a faculty dining room was added to the College Center. It was essentially paid for by a gift of over $500,000 from Lewis B. Wilson and the Wilson children in memory of Louise Wilson. The addition was named the Wilson Faculty Center.

The College Center was the first of numerous buildings, erected on the campus of Augustana College during Tredways's presidency of the college. They included a new 12 million dollar library, a new heating plant, a 24 million dollar Science building currently under construction along with new student housing, a campus radio station, and a Mathematics and Computer Science building. Yet, more buildings are planned for the future. In addition, Tredway undertook several renovations and beautification projects such as planting hundreds of flowers and trees on campus and improving the appearance of 7th Avenue. He increased faculty salaries and student scholarship funds, and raised the college endowment from $4.45 million to $40 Million. The college budget has been balanced every year; the average ACT scores of freshmen increased from 23 to 25. The percentage of female and faculty minority enrollment has grown, and the campus has grown bigger and more beautiful with four new buildings the renovations of Denkman Hall and Old Main and the planting of hundreds of trees and shrubs around campus.

According to an editorial in the Argus dated July 3, 1995, during Tredway's tenure, Augustana College has maintained and enhanced its role in the Quad City community. Those who come to Augustana and live in the community add significantly to the area's quality of life, as do the 3,500 Augustana alumni who have chosen to make the Quad Cities home. The college's faculty make up an important segment of our leadership. Augustana's impact on the community is significant - $120 million a year, according to a recent economic impact study. That same study shows that the college employs more than 500- full and part-time workers with an annual payroll of $16 million. Mr. Tredway has long been part of that community. He received a bachelors degree from Augustana in 1957, and joined the faculty in 1964. He became vice president of academic affairs and dean of the college in 1970. In January 1975, he was selected from among 109 candidates to succeed retiring President Dr. C.W, Sorensen. The fact that there has been no noisy public feting of President Tredway says as much about the man as his long tenure does. Friends and colleagues say he prefers to draw attention to the college, not himself. His 20th anniversary is a good enough reason to draw attention to both, Mr. Tredway for his leadership and Augustana College for its vital role in the community. Thanks to both.