St. Nicholas Church - Prague



    Pen and Ink Sketch with Watercolor - Erwin Weber - 1970


These are the towers of St. Nicholas Church in Prague. The church was erected in the 17th century in Baroque style by Dienstenhofer a German architect. It is said Wallenstein, the infamous general of the 30-Years War (1618-1648), contributed heavily to the construction of the church. In 1970, I sketched the towers of the church from the Charles Bridge crossing the Moldau River in Prague. The bridge dates back to the 14th Century when John Hus was President at the University of Prague. I presented the pen and ink sketch of the church with a watercolor wash to Jane Cochran. She was secretary in the Dean's Office at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. The painting hung in her office for 27 years.