[Tower of the Castle Church in Wittenberg viewed from the tower of the City Church]


Slide Collection

Erwin Weber

The Slide Collection consists of eight (8) major categories which have been divided into twenty-three (23) major groups. The major portion of the collection depicts scenes in the life and work of Luther and the Reformation period of the 16th century. In addition, there are slide series illustrating events in Reformation History, and slide series depicting individuals who became notable followers of Luther, such as, Johann Sebastian Bach, Gottfried Silbermann, and August Herman Francke. Another devout follower of Luther was Lars Paul Esbjorn, the Swedish Lutheran pastor, who, in 1860, was instrumental in the establishment of Augustana College, now located in Rock Island, Illinois.

Rock Island, Illinois
18 Rock Island History and Landmarks
19 History of Arsenal Island and the Rock Island Arsenal
20 Wildflowers in Black Hawk State Park
21 Augustana College
22 Augustana's Summer School in Passau, Germany
23 Miscellaneous