Basic Physics II (PHYS 202)

This is the course webpage for Physics 202. Please use the links below to find copies of the current Syllabus and Problem Style Guide. I will bring copies of the Syllabus to the first day of class which may be different than the one posted here right now. You can also go to the Moodle site for the course for more details. You will need to search for the course in Moodle. Use PHYS202-10 for the search. I will provide a code for you to use to participate in the course.

 Problem Style Guide
 Lab Handouts

Please use the resources below if you feel like you are having trouble putting together concepts in physics or that you are missing some of the basics.

The Physics Classroom: This website has useful tutorials (see the "Physics Tutorials" section) that cover a wide variety of high school physics materal. The "Minds on Physics" section provides example problems to think through. We should always remember that we do not know physics until we show that we can apply it!

Hyperphysics: This website has a good structure showing connections between physics concepts. The links connect by topics. This is a very useful website for helping you to connect different physics concepts together.

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