Nathan Frank - Research Trip of January 2010

Here pictures of my current students, Mark Warren and Steven Ash, and the experimental setup utilized at the NSCL. Click on the links to find more details.

Student Picture
Mark Warren and Steven Ash in front of a portion of the experimental setup.
On the phone in the vault
Bryan Luther (Concordia College) and Nathan Frank take a call during experimental preparation
Changing Threshold
Nathan Frank working preparing electronics for the experiment.
Radiation Safety
This is a safety sign to warn you that radiation may be present.
Graduate Student
Greg Christian standing to the right of the CAESium-iodide ARray (CAESAR).
CAESAR is used to detect gamma-rays emitted from excited nuclei.
FSU/MSU Sweeper Magnet
The Michigan State University and Florida State University Sweeper Magnet used to bend the charged particles after netrons have been emitted.
MoNA Front View
The Modular Neutron Array (MoNA) is a large array of plastic scintillators used to detect neutrons that are emitted from excited nuclei.
MoNA Close Up
Neutrons approach this side of MoNA.

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