Nathan Frank - Hodoscope Installation

Here are pictures of students, Stuart Casarotto and Natalie Viscariello, installing the hodoscope at the NSCL.

Student Picture
Test setup for the hodoscope using a 137Cs gamma-ray source.
On the phone in the vault
Hodoscope detector in its frame that will hold it in place at the NSCL.
Changing Threshold
Natalie (left), Jenna Smith (middle), and Stuart (right) holding a large plate from the large vacuum box that the hodoscope is installed. Jenna is a graduate student at the NSCL.
Radiation Safety
This is a picture of the many signal and high voltage cables connected to the back of the voltage dividers.
Graduate Student
Stuart and Natalie are screwing the hodoscope into its frame.
Nathan is ecstatic that the detector is in its place.

Dr. Nathan Frank
Department of Physics
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Office:  Science 206
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Last update: June 12, 2013